The Winter Olympics are here!!!!

It’s finally starting!!!  The Winter Olympics have begun!!!  I’m so excited!  I love the watching figure skating so I’m fascinated by this new team competition they have because it means double the figure skating programming.  Well, perhaps not quite double since only 10 countries participate in the first round and then only the top 5.  Actually, now that I’m watching it, it’s a little disappointing because even though there are only 10 countries, NBC only showed 4 or 5 each of the men’s and pair’s programs.  Meanwhile, in profiling some of the competitors in the women’s snowboarding slopestyle, they showed a clip of one of the snowboarders basically just wiggling her butt.  I mean, you’d think they’d at least broadcast the US competitors and then maybe the top 5.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t see the Chinese or Italian pairs, who were in 3rd and 4th places.

Haha, ok, my exciting first paragraph went downhill pretty fast.  I will say though, snowboarding slopestyle is pretty neat with the spinning in the air and all.  I wonder if I can watch the rest of the programs online somewhere…

I think I’ve told you before, but I’ve cut the cord – no more cable TV.  So in preparation for the Olympics, I finally got an indoor antenna and set up the tiny digital TV that my mom had gotten for free, because my original TV is analog.  Can you tell I’m super excited?  Haha.  I really missed watching TV like a normal person and not hiding in my room binging on Hulu.  Normal-ish is perhaps a better description; I sort of hunch over/lean forward on my futon so I can see my small screen better.  Unfortunately, NBC doesn’t have the strongest signal, but better than nothing 😀

Okie doke.  That’s all I have for you today!  No interesting pictures to break up my streams of consciousness.  I have lots of Hobbit-y things that I want to share with you, but I’m just a bit behind on stuff (life??) and still need to upload the photos.  Sorry!  But you have some fun yarn things and Chinese New Year food things to see soon!  I promise.  Well, I suppose I promise in two weeks…when the Olympics end.  Hahahaha.

Happy Olympics!!!