Happy 2014!

Oh, piffle.  It suddenly became 2014.  Maybe I sorta  lied about actually keeping up with posting.  Dudes, it’s hard work!!  But maybe this coming year is a new one?  I am hopeful.  Well, Happy New Year!!

I feel like my holidays officially ended today after spending 2 weeks at home, then having my sister stay with me for another 2 weeks, and finally this past long weekend home again.  Now that I’m back in my apartment (all by myself…), it’s like my new year is actually starting now.  I’m only mildly depressed.  haha.  Eating the choco pie and rice crackers on the train ride helped 😛  Then I saw this picture we took of our special friends that we decided to give away:

Special friends

Well, as Mui says, they’ll bring joy to someone else now.  Anyway, it’s been a wonderful couple of months with lots of eating, gathering, and of course a surprise visit from Big Chum!!  We had New Year’s dinner at our place this year.

New Year's Table

It’s been awhile since both of our families had a chance to get together like this, so we pulled out all the stops, complete with prime rib, lots of veggies (to keep us regular, you know), and sherbet punch to celebrate the new year.

Prime rib

And of course, board games.  Actually, just speed scrabble.  I can’t believe how much of that we’ve been playing since New Year’s!  Even our parents got into it.

Roasted acorn squash

Now that the year’s started for real, it’s hard to think how quickly the last month or so has passed.  I’m looking at the pile of mess(es) on my desk right now.  I think that one of my New Year’s resolution will be to stay on top of things better.  Another one will be to stay in touch with you all better 🙂

Here’s to a new year, my friends!  May it be a joyful one!

No pandas were harmed during cooking...I think.

No pandas were harmed during cooking…I think.