Turkey day business

I received a package today from my old coworker – it was 4 bags of candy cane hershey’s kisses.  Who would ever think to get something like that as a gift?  Someone who knows me just too well.  But that brings me to today’s topic:  with Thanksgiving fast-approaching, what are you thankful for this year?  I thought about this while I was packing (ok, fine, “packing” – we all know I will continue to be up well into the wee hours, even though if I focused for 30 minutes I would be done).  All the things I thought about came back to one thing though, and that was people who care.  So prepare yourselves, friends!  I am about to be MUSHY.

Ok, using caps to type “mushy” used up my mushiness for the evening.  Sigh.

Anyway, today was a wonderful day because I heard from 3 of my closest former coworkers:  the aforementioned one with the candy cane hershey’s, another who came to visit and have lunch, and finally the last who shared photos of her 1-week-old son.  Dealing with changes continues to be a struggle for me, but they reminded me that though they’re no longer physically around, they’re still my friends.  Just like my chumnoses remind me whenever we see each other 🙂  Ok, that was mushier than it sounded in my head.

So I think that wraps up the big non-food business that Turkey Day is about.  It’s important stuff, so don’t forget what you’re thankful for!  And onto other things – notice anything different about us?  WE ARE OFFICIALLY CHUMS’ KITCHEN!!!!  YAY!  I’m excited about this new look.  More renovations to beautify our “kitchen” are to come 🙂  To end, a Thanksgiving pre-gaming version of what-I-ate:

  • plain bagel (I love Costco bagels!  so cheap and satisfying!) with Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter (my new favorite thing – apparently it’s seasonal so I must stock up!) and cream cheese
  • a few cough drops (a bit of a sore throat)
  • orangey-spiced tea with honey (my thermos kept it warm until tonight!  when I continued to drink it with dinner.  Thermos is amazing)
  • Bertucci’s chicken piccata (while catching up with coworkers, both current and previous)
  • Bertucci’s rolls (they’re so warm and yummy…)
  • apple cider caramel (Letei and I made a batch this weekend and forgot to post about it…they’re delicious though!  I only ate one today…such an improvement from the 20-30 pieces I ate on Sunday)
  • handful of flavor-blasted goldfish
  • orange
  • candy cane hershey kiss
  • 4-5 lychee gummies

Can I just say, those lychee gummies are delicious.  I just finished the first packet from Big Chum and am so tempted to eat the second packet.  I am exercising self-control, which apparently is a common problem for city-dwellers.  Aren’t you proud of my self-control?  Yes!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!

It just cries out, “eat me!”