Happy Halloween!

I hope that you’re all doing ok post-hurricane Sandy wherever you are!  I was a bit lackadaisical about it, even as I had to leave work early, and hadn’t done much preparation (water, batteries, and such).  Then I was working from home, listening to the radio and the howling winds, feeling my house shake, and then I started to freak out a little.  I made bread and soup, while my roommate made popcorn and watched as much tv as possible in case we lost power (haha, just my roommate watched tv; I had a deadline – so much for hurricane/post-tropical cyclone day…).

Anyway!  Long time no chat, my chummies!  As you can see, we’ve been updating our site’s format.  I can’t figure out how to end the poll, but I think it’s pretty obvious our new name has to be Chums’ Kitchen.  I will be updating it pretty soon.

I’m a little sleepy, but I felt like we should talk about Halloween.  Yes.  I watched “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” tonight.  But more importantly, we forgot to turn off our porch light after the cute trick-or-treaters and around 9pm got ninja college trick-or-treaters who jumped onto my porch.  I vaguely thought they might try to force their way into my house and wasn’t sure if I should give them candy or treat them as intruders.  It was odd.  Not cute like the Elmo kid.

I think I ate too much candy.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!