My old roommate used to tell me about all the graphic design projects she had going on, both from her firm and from freelancing.  She was always particularly excited about her rebranding projects, designing new logos and letterhead, choosing fonts, and so on.  That got me thinking the other night, over emails with Letei, about how Wong’s Kitchen has evolved over the last year or so.  It began as a way for me to document random thoughts, ideas, recipes, etc., but with Mui and Letei, its purpose is now more of a forum for the three of us to stay in touch (and I’m hoping for more of chums to join in!).  So I believe the time has come for us to rebrand ourselves!  I’ve come up with a few ideas for names, but put it out to you for your thoughts, particularly you two, Mui and Letei.  If you have any suggestions for other changes, my dear family, do leave a comment.

In honor of Letei discovering the subtleties of WordPress over on her food blog and also her recent birthday, I thought I’d give the poll function a try.  So please vote!

Vote early, vote often!  haha.  Hey, I never said you could only vote once.  😀