Happy birthday, baby mui!!

For some reason, whenever people ask me how old mui is, I automatically feel like answering 16, although she hasn’t been 16 for quite a long while now.  Weird, huh?  Anyway, it was her birthday this past week!!!!!!  (and she’s still 16!).  In honor of her birthday, I thought it was time to post this mango cake I made awhile back.

It’s my favorite white cake, with a mango curd from Smitten Kitchen and a mock buttercream from Joe Pastry.  I think I might have cooked the eggs a bit in the curd, because it tasted a little like scrambled eggs to me.  In an attempt to remedy that, I added slices of fresh mango to the curd to get more mango flavor.  I’ll need to try this again though, perhaps next year when mangoes are back in season.  The mock buttercream is my go-to frosting – not too sweet and easy to make!  It has this step of boiling flour that allows you to use less butter.  Read up on its history at Joe Pastry – it’s quite interesting.  And it’s certainly more reliable than the swiss meringue buttercream, which I intend to conquer someday!

That said, it is getting cold.  I think it’s time to start baking bread again.  Hmm, do you guys want to do a bread of the week with me?  hehehehe 😀

Happy birthday, mui!!!!  I’m glad you’re my sister so I could terrorize, i mean love you.  HAHAHA.  I hope you are eating some cake today 🙂  ❤