A post full of wonderful things.

Ugh.  I think I gave myself a stye in my eye.  Apparently, styes are caused by staph bacteria transferred to the eye. This usually occurs by rubbing your nose and getting the staph bacteria all over your hands, and then rubbing your eyes with the contaminated hands.  Of course my allergies have flared recently, and I’ve been rubbing both my poor itchy nose and eyes like crazy.  I guess that’s what I get for sitting outside at Starbucks for several hours the other day, blissfully choosing to ignore the layer of yellow pollen coating everything in favor of soaking up some warmth and sunshine.  I hope my stye doesn’t pop and ooze staphy puss all over my eyeball.

Staphylococcus aureus

Now that our appetites have been properly whetted, I just wanted to share that I am currently enjoying a yummy cup of Flour Bakery-inspired hot chocolate.  I’ve long suspected that Flour makes their hot chocolate from ganache, and have been itching to try it out.  Ever so conveniently, I just happened to have some leftover ganache in the fridge (major baking frenzy this past Mon…posts coming)!  Feeling sorry for myself and my stye, I plopped a couple generous (and I mean generous) spoonfuls of ganache into my glass of steaming milk.  As I eyed the glass  with my good eye, and the milk transformed into a lovely chocolatey hue, my heart warmed and my stye ached a little less.

On another happy note, I got a Nook recently (hurrah for remembering old gift cards!).  Nothing like curling up with a good book and cup of homemade hot chocolate.  Off to read Twilight my second time in 2 weeks this awesome version of War and Peace