Have you ever googled your name?  I do this every once in awhile just to see how far down I have to get before I pop up.  It’s quite fun, especially when you have as popular a name as I do.  Wanna know who I am?

  • attorney:  I imagine myself to be a jet-setting international lawyer with my own private jet.
  • ice hockey player:  I must be pretty badass.
  • psychologist, times 2:  and how do you feel today?  (I am channeling Dr. Scratchnsniff from the Animaniacs; oh I wish I could find a video of that scene when he’s in a session with yakko, wakko, and dot, and wakko keeps telling him what he’s touching instead of what he’s feeling emotionally, like he’s touching his nose or his shirt.  The the doctor pulls out all his hair, and that is why he’s bald for the whole series.)
  • graphic designer, times 2!
  • ob/gyn:  bringing babies into the world…how awesome 🙂
  • illustrator
  • soccer player
  • HS English teacher

ok, I am apparently many things.  There were many more hits that I’m getting too sleepy to list.  And I never came up once 😛  Do you ever wonder what you might have done with your life if you didn’t decide to do what you’re doing now?  I wonder about that sometimes, and I’m quite amused to see what my name-a-likes have done with theirs.

Oh, and apparently I’m Australian…a lot of times.

Haha, sorry for the random stream-of-consciousness.  It’s been crazy busy lately.  It’s the time of year when I’m contemplating life and making decisions.  You know what I mean – people getting married, people moving, people going back to school or changing jobs.  I’ve been avoiding thinking about Life, so I will share with you my love of the Kitchenaid mixer.  I bought a new paddle attachment, but I don’t want it to peel again so I’ll have to check out the mixer’s height.  Also, I used the shredder attachment for the first time and it was amazing.  It shredded a whole block of pecorino romano from Costco in a matter of minutes.  I ❤ the shredder attachment.  I might get some veggies just to shred them tonight.  Beware the hobbit with a shredder!!!