Happy Ben and Jerry’s free cone day!!!!!

and since I haven’t much to post, here’s what I ate today, interspersed with nuggets of wisdom.  Because I am wise 😀  Samwise, to be precise.


  • a piece of Entenmann’s butter pound cake
  • toasted Panera brown oat bread (I have no idea what kind of bread this actually is, but it’s a nice dark brown crust with oat sprinkled on top) with raspberry jam and cinnamon butter (from Texas Roadhouse)
  • honey lemon cough drop

I woke up yesterday morning with slight sore throat.  Normally, it goes away, but it lasted.  Then I felt cold and achy all yesterday.  When I got home from TX RH, I pretty much just went to bed.  I’ve been popping cough drops all day to soothe the throat.  I feel much better today.


  • Leftovers from Texas Roadhouse (best place evaaarrrrrrr!!!!!) – 3oz sirloin, baked sweet potato, roll (best rolls evaaaarrrrr!!!!)
  • broccoli, stir-fried, lightly steamed with garlic
  • lime-flavored white cupcakes I made last weekend (lime is not as good as lemon…)
  • honey lemon cough drop

When my old roommate and I moved from our first apartment into our second apartment, we thanked our guy friends for helping us move the big stuff (like heavy furniture) by taking them out to Texas Roadhouse.  We loved it so much, and had such a bad day the next day moving the rest of of the stuff (turns out moving lots of little things, just the two of us, with a small 2-door car, going back and forth between the apartments MANY times, is not fun.  don’t let anyone tell you otherwise), that we went back to TX RH again to de-stress over more steaks and warm buns with cinnamon butter.  Then we returned to our new apt, which was in a crazy mess.  We didn’t have cable/internet installed yet, so we watched her Meteor Garden DVDs, sitting on our pink couch, surrounded by our boxes and garbage bags with our stuff.

Afternoon snacking

  • a couple chocolate covered pretzels
  • blackberry herbal tea
  • many more cough drops
  • BEN AND JERRY’S CHOCOLATE THERAPY!!!!!  YAY FREE CONE DAY!!!!  it made my throat better.  excuse to eat more ice cream, haha.


  • Leftovers cooked by one of my roommates:  batter fried fish and dou miao
  • medium grain white rice, it’s kinda chewy like short grain
  • a homemade thin mint, made by my old roommate
  • multivitamin; I feel like I should have it more often

One of my roommates and I decided to start sharing meals together.  When our small group found out we both wanted to work on prayer and cooked in bulk, eating the same thing every single day, they first chuckled at us (regarding the latter) and then helpfully suggested that we just pray and eat dinner together.  So we decided that we would instead cook for each other once a week, sharing the extra bulk that we made so we could eat a little something different during the week.  We’ve also been slowly working on praying together too, so it’s been win win 😀

ok, I thought this would be a short post, but half an hour later, it is longer than I thought.  good night!!!