1 year young

Wow, I can’t believe we’ve managed to keep this up for a year!  I’ll say though, there were times when I thought I might forget to post.  and I did.  hahaha.  However, this is turning out to be a pretty cool way for us to stay in touch.  So today, I am so excited to celebrate our 1st birthday!  Letei has already started our virtual birthday party off with those gorgeous-looking black sesame cookies.  Yum!  I wish macs had smell-o-vision.

Anyway, speaking of birthdays, I’ve been very fortunate to celebrate with 2 special people this past week – my uncle (Letei’s dad) this past weekend at our family gathering and then a good friend’s on Wednesday.  What would a celebration be without cake?  😉  For our uncle, we wanted a simple, not-too-sweet, but tasty dessert.  After tossing around a few ideas, Mui and I made a chiffon cake (you’ll remember her adventures with the matcha chiffon cake).  Of course, I took pictures of the half-eaten cake, then left my camera at home again.  Haha.  But after baking (and eating) the cake for my friend at my place, I rejoiced at the existence of my trusty Photobooth on mac!

Yeah, sometimes when I think about other names for this blog, I think the new name should incorporate “mac photos” or something.  It gets the job done!  Just please ignore my shoulder, my Hello Kitty robe, and my sleeping-bag winter coat.  Just squint your eyes and focus on the cake in the middle.  Isn’t that quite nice-looking now?

I’ve posted about this cake before – my favorite white cake, always excellent.  You can use any citrus to flavor it and any filling too.  And because I was pressed for time (it was a weeknight after all), I re-purposed the pots de creme I made the week before.  Its rummy, puddingness was quite tasty against the white cake backdrop.  Actually, I think the cake helped absorb some of the excess rum in the pudding.  haha.  Yes, a win on both sides!  A little ganache glaze, 30 min in the the fridge, and it was quite excellent.

Have I ever extolled the wonders of the 6-inch cake pan?  Well, I love it so much I’m almost willing to buy a second one.  Perfect for small company, or for those days when you think you need a bottle of rum but really a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream and this cake would do a much better job.  And the math is a cinch – just divide your regular 9-inch recipes in half.

My random musings aside (it is 1am here), it’s been a long 4-day week.  The mild homesickness I’ve been feeling this week has been allayed by the wonderful postings I get to read from you all here.  So even if we don’t see each other much, I’m so grateful we have our little blog here to be together.

Happy Birthday, Wong’s Kitchen!  Here’s to another year of chipmunks!