Slow poke with a whisk

I thought about writing an entry this morning, only to think back and realize, I haven’t posted in over a month!  To make matters worse, after I logged in, I saw how many drafts I’ve started for different posts that I haven’t finished.  I’m so slow.  Maybe one day I’ll finish them.

What’s even worse though, is that I can’t find the USB cord I need to upload photos from my camera 😦  Even more sad because I was going to show you pictures from my massive egg-white whipping fail.  It was sad, but it reminded me of the first time Muimui and I tried to make meringues.  After watching an episode of Sweet Dreams or Julia Child and being inspired by our piano teacher Mrs. Staplefeldt’s famous meringue cookies, we tried to make our own.  I think we used a whisk and whipped by hand until it was foamy.  When we got tired, we thought it must be pretty close to what it should be and figured the oven would take care of the soft peaks part.

Haha, clearly that didn’t happen.  Actually we didn’t even have a real oven at that time, just a toaster oven we used to bake cookies and muffins for bake sales.  When we pulled out the pan with the “meringue,” it was just baked eggy stuff, not the stiff cookie we hoped for.  Today, I made a pound cake, separating the eggs to whip up the whites separately, and I think I added the sugar too early, before the white peaks formed.  No matter how long I whipped them for, they did not become soft white peaks.  With much regret (from adding sugar too soon and using up the rest of the eggs in the house), I set them aside and whipped up a new batch of egg whites properly.

I did save the failed whites.  They were a nice shiny white, just not stiff enough.  I spooned them into a mini muffin pan and baked at 350F for about 20-30 minutes.  They puffed quite nicely and looked like cute little cakes.  The bottoms were slightly caramelized (I think the sugar sank to the bottom) and the centers a big hole.  Not bad actually.  They taste like sweetened egg white, but the sugar gives it a nice chew.  I’ve already eaten 4 with my tea and my teeth feel like sugar.  Haha.

Ok, where is my camera cord??  Are they at home home?  Tell me if you find it!